I have been studying aikido for over ten years. During this time I have studied at many Dojos, but I spend a majority of my time with Aikido Los Angeles. Out of all of the schools that I have studied at I have found that they are the best when it comes to form, where it is taught with clarity and care. Additionally, when it comes to power, there is absolutely no other school that produces as much power when they perform throws on me. I recommend the classes at Aikido Los Angeles without any hesitation.

- Curtis Alexander, Topanga, California

The art of aikido is more than learning how to perform locks and throw people. I believe that it can change the way that you look at life. Practicing aikido has taught me how to see thing that I do not really see or understand, prior to learning the art. Ukemi is a perfect example. Ukemi leaches how to properly perform roll and take falls safely, but what it also does is teaches you how to harmonize no only on the mat, but with being off the mat, at home or at work. I am thankful for my past, present and future training partners and instructors at Aikido Los Angeles. They have taught me many important lessons that I have learned through the practice of this great martial art.

- Matthew Cline, Van Nuys, California

Aikido Los Angeles has been inspiring me since I first started many years ago. This art has guided me on a path to attain my 3rd degree black belt in Aikido. Aikido Los Angeles has great instructors, who really care for their students, and their amount of knowledge and emphasis on detail is unlike anyone else. They have provided a place for their students to not only strengthen their bodies, but also strengthen their mind and spirits. Since I have been with Aikido Los Angeles they have inspired me and have pushed me to want to become a great martial artist and a better person.

- Elena Cartwright, West Hollywood, California

I practice a practical and efficient street fighting style of kung fu. Although I love it very much, no style is complete. Aikido emphasizes on taking one's balance and learning how to safely take fall, which fulfills that is missing aspects in my other training. I study at Aikido Los Angeles because they teach their students a great assortment of techniques. Aikido Los Angeles makes traditional aikido work.

- Dimitris Papanikolaou, Beverly Hills, California.

Before I walked onto the mat at Aikido Los Angeles I believed that I knew what aikido really was. I made the decision to simply start right from the beginning again, which I have done in the past when I start at a new dojo. Once I started to train at Aikido Los Angeles, in a few weeks, I realized that the previous techniques I learned such as taking falls, applying wristlocks and throwing people were not in the pure form of Aikido. At Aikido Los Angeles I realized that I was training with a very special instructor, who took the time to teach me the mechanics of the techniques and even the beauty behind each and every movement. I am grateful to be training with such wonderful instructors at a fantastic school.

- Eric Moore, Van Nuys, California

Aikido Los Angeles has a great group of instructors, who have big hearts and the insight to help any student who comes into the dojo's doors. They realize the potential of all of their students, and mold them to be the best as they can possibly be. As the instructors lead their students through the ranks, from white to black belt, their teaching provides their students with the confidence that is essential to build a safe and positive future for themselves and the ones that they care about. The best part of all is that make learning aikido fun. Aikido Los Angeles trains to develop some sense of brotherhood, by working together to refine themselves and advance their aikido skills. I feel to be very lucky to have discovered Aikido Los Angeles, and will continue my development as a martial artist at their dojo. At Aikido Los Angeles they have great instructors, great students, great parents and provide a great community.

- Filipe Hall, Westwood, California

The first time that I walked into Aikido Los Angeles, I found that their instructors were quite impressive and that they had a true passion for teaching. The instructors intrigued me with the mix of serenity and power that they produced as they taught their classes through a group of techniques. The qualities that the instructors showed made me immediately want to sign my daughter up for classes, and for me to sign up for the adult class. Since then, the respect that I have for Aikido Los Angeles has grown immensely. Aikido Los Angeles is more than just a martial arts school. They have the ability to reach into people souls, and the ability to show their students their untapped potential in a sincere and meaningful way. Through their discipline training they can get you where you never thought you could be, while at the same time change your outlook on life in a positive way. Aikido Los Angeles is about making you the best martial artist you are capable of being. I feel honored to be a part of Aikido Los Angeles and their martial arts family.

- Katherine Attaway, Van Nuys, California

When I first started to show interest in Japanese martial arts I went to many different dojos, to see what was right for me. The instructors are the most patient and caring teachers that I have ever come in contact with. They make beginners feel comfortable by being very welcoming, and they put a lot of effort into making sure that their dojo is friendly and is a comfortable learning environment. I have deep respect for Aikido Los Angeles and all of the instructors.

- Jonathan Baker, Tarzana, California

For over thirty years I have been practicing martial arts, on-and-off. All of the aikido schools that I have been to have their strengths and virtues, but Aikido Los Angeles stand out with their passionate instructors and great students. The techniques of the instructors and students are also flawless in performance. The kindness and commitment of the instructors, and the precision and power of their techniques are unlike anything that I have ever seen. For me it is an hour and half drive each way to Aikido Los Angeles, for only and hour-long class, and for the quality of training it is well worth it.

- Jimmy Evans, West Los Angeles, California

The opinions I have of the instructors of Aikido Los Angeles are looked at very highly, with their flawless techniques. I have recently developed an obstacle that affects my ability to break falls and rolls, and the instructors at Aikido Los Angeles have helped and supported me through all of this. They have save aikido for me, where it is something that I can now do comfortably. I am deeply thankful for Aikido Los Angeles and their instructors for everything that they have done for me. I am proud and honored to be a student at this school.

- John Dellasala, Thousand Oaks, California. A fifty-year veteran of the martial arts, J. Dellasala has a deep background in traditional Okinawan karate (Goju Ryu), Japanese Goju Kai, Tai Chi Chuan, and Qigong regimes, as well as Aikido.

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