This page on protocol is based on rules
of practice at the San Diego Aikikai.

1.Students should bow:

• When entering and leaving the dojo
• When stepping on and off the mat
• At the beginning and end of class
• When asking or thanking a partner for practice
• After receiving special instructions from the teacher

2. Footwear and Feet: Remove your shoes upon entering the dojo and place them neatly on the shelf. Do not walk past the shoe rack while wearing shoes, or outside the dojo with your bare feet. If you must step outside with your bare feet, make sure your feet are clean before stepping on the mat.

3. Strive to be on time for class. If you are late, and the instructor is demonstrating a technique when you arrive: sit, bow in, and wait where you are until he/she is finished. Proceed directly to the changing room. After you have changed into your keikogi, sit at the corner of the mat until the instructor indicates you may join the class. Then to the Kamiza and instructor in that order.

4. If you or someone else is hurt, inform the instructor at once. If you need to rest, request permission from the instructor. If you have a problem during practice, let your partner know. Do not leave the mat without permission of the instructor.

5. At the beginning of class, and when asking a partner to practice with you, say "Onegai shimasu" ("please let me train with you"). At the end of class, and when thanking your partner for a round of practice, say "Domo arigato gozaimashita" (thank you very much).

6. Once the instructor has finished demonstrating a technique, do not wait for another student to ask you for practice. Seek out partners.

7.Monthly fees are dues on the first of each month. If you are having financial difficulties, speak with the Chief Instructor as soon as possible.

8.Weapons and/or gi should always be carried in a bag or covered when outside the dojo. Do not leave your gi in the changing room.

9.Never use another person's weapons without their permission. Every member of the dojo must have his/her own weapons. Questions concerning the availability of weapons should be directed to the Chief Instructor.


Aikido schools for kids is Los Angeles


Strength, …

Poise, …

Grace under pressure,…

Calm at the center of the storm.

Being at one with the energies of the universe.


This is Aikido of Los Angeles California.


On the surface, Aikido offers many of the same physical and emotional benefits of any martial art: a toned, fit body, reduced stress, and an increased sense of physical wellbeing and self-confidence.  Aikido offers all this and more.  


It isn’t easy.  It asks the student to empty his or her mind and apply consistent, disciplined effort.  But as the student trains, day by day, he or she gradually assimilates the principles of the art, and what were once tactical considerations – a clear, unfettered mind, focused attention, spatial awareness, deflection, evasion, sharp linear entries, unified circular motion, learning to work with (rather than against) an attacker’s energy – begins to change our very way of being in, and responding to, the world around us. 


In this way, practice evolves into a form of mental and emotional purification, a path to profound self-knowledge of oneself and others, and an intuitive grasp of a more open, constructive way of relating to the pressures of contemporary life. 


All one really needs is an open mind and a willingness to learn.


Look within.


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